Welcome to Security Mindsets

 Cyber security is a dynamic, complex, and diverse endeavor. Over the past 20 years the market for cyber security products and services has evolved from a niche to a market that generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue from over 1,000 providers.

 Security Mindsets is committed to providing companies with unique insight into the market through the delivery of quantitative analysis, forecasting, and market positioning advice. Additionally Security Mindsets provides collateral material that can help the client stand out in this market.

 Security Mindsets provide honest, unbiased, comprehensive, and visionary assessments that are relevant to businesses by providing market differentiators and unique solution ideas that have been honed from decades of experience. Security Mindsets looks at the security problem from the perspective that people are a key component of the solution and it is important to consider the security mindsets of the security provider, executives, users, and attackers when designing security products. Successful security programs require that technology, people, and procedures are all working together.

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